There is a $1500 fee per child per year for any of the three co-op programs for the first three children two years of age and older. Subsequent children are free.

Payment can be made in full by September 1st or be broken into two installments on 8/15/19 and 1/15/20.

*We make every attempt to keep costs low and to work with families for whom the fee is a hardship.  If you find that you could give more, please consider donating to CCC: we could use your support to both grow our programs and build our community.


Click on the forms below to fill them out.  Please send the completed forms, along with an application fee of $30 to :




Please click on the Materials Button to see the list of required materials for you child/ren. 




The CCC uniform is a navy blue top with khaki bottoms.

Skirts must hit the top of the knee, and pants are straight leg without cargo pockets.

Shorts are fine for boys in September and May.

If your preschoolers like to play dress up, terrific, but the uniform is only required for kids in Kindergarten and up.