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Why a uniform for co-op?  Well, homeschoolers sometimes need a reason to change out of our pajamas!

In the early days of CCC we met in homes, and the uniform helped us remind ourselves that co-op day wasn't just another playdate.

As we grow, our uniform helps us stay focused and respectful.  It also unites us.


By following this link, you can add a CCC logo to any Lands’ End item. Our Land's End preferred school code is 900166505. 


Logos are not required, and uniforms may be purchased anywhere, not just at Land's End. 


The CCC Uniform:


Navy blue collared tops or dresses for girls


Navy blue sweaters or fleeces


Khaki bottoms


Boys should not wear cargo pants


Girls’ skirts should hit knees


Navy or white socks or tights


Note:  Preschool girls may want to wear tights or shorts under their skirts as some classes are active.

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