Why a uniform for co-op?  Well, homeschoolers sometimes need a reason to change out of our pajamas!

In the early days of CCC we met in homes, and the uniform helped us remind ourselves that co-op day wasn't just another playdate.

As we grow, our uniform helps us stay focused and respectful.  It also unites us.

This year, to spare those of us mamas who have been losing the battle against white shirts since 2011, we are changing things up a little and switching to navy blue tops and khaki bottoms.

To make things easier, we have picked out a few things at Land's End:

Girls: Navy Blue Polo Shirt and Khaki Skirt


Navy Blue Polo Dress


Navy Blue Ruffle Polo Dress.


Navy Blue Polo Shirt and Khaki Pants

Feel free to shop elsewhere, but please make sure that skirts hit the top of the knee, and pants are straight leg without cargo pockets.

Shorts are fine for boys in September and May.

If your preschoolers like to play dress up, terrific, but the uniform is only required for kids in Kindergarten and up.