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Year Three Materials


May be purchased anywhere.  By following the link on our website, you can add a CCC logo to any Lands’ End item.  This is not required!


Navy blue collared tops or dresses for girls

Navy blue sweaters or fleeces

Khaki bottoms - no cargo pants

Girls’ skirts should hit knees

Navy or white socks or tights


History: Our text will be The Story of Civilization, Volume IV.  You can purchase it in text and/or Audible format.  You don't need to purchase any other accompanying materials.  This text is required for grades 3-8.


The Greek and Latin Roots come from the books English from the Roots Up, Volumes I and II.  This is the year where we finish Volume II and begin Volume I, so if you don't already own them you will need to buy both volumes.  They also sell flash cards if you want them.  


Science: Grades grades 5-8 will use the Focus on Middle School Chemistry and Physics books. You need the texts only, NOT the lab book or teacher's manual.


5th/6th graders will also need The Story of Oxygen


7th/8th graders will need The Mystery of the Periodic Table

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