2019-2020 Required Materials


May be purchased anywhere.  By following the link on our website, you can add a CCC logo to any Lands’ End item.  This is not required!


Navy blue collared tops or dresses for girls

Navy blue sweaters or fleeces

Khaki bottoms - no cargo pants

Girls’ skirts should hit knees

Navy or white socks or tights


Younger children are active in music class; please make sure girls wear tights or cartwheel shorts under skirts.

The books you will need to purchase for next year (if you don't already have them) are:


History: Third and Fourth grade:

History Through the Ages Timeline Notebook $40


  • One notebook per child


History: Fifth grade and up, “Deeper Level”:

From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America $65


  • One textbook per family


Science: Fourth grade and up, “Deeper Level”:

Real Science 4 Kids: Focus on Middle School Chemistry


  • One textbook per family $20

  • One student workbook per student $20


Real Science 4 Kids: Focus on Middle School Physics


  • One textbook per family $20

  • One student workbook per student $20


Optional Writing: Sixth grade and up:

Sixth/seventh Monday Class Only: One Lost Tools of Writing Level One Student Workbook per student: $39



Strongly recommended for students 6-8th grade: Handbook of Types $19


  • One copy per family


Catechism 5th grade:

Baltimore Catechism 1

  • One copy per family


Catechism 6th grade:

Baltimore Catechism 2

  • One copy per family


Catechism 7th grade:

Baltimore Catechism 3

  • One copy per family


Catechism 7th grade and up:

Fr. Laux: Chief Truths of the Faith $10-15


  • One copy per family


Fr. Laux: Mass and the Sacraments $10-15


  • One copy per family


8th grade only: The Story of the Church: Her Founding, Mission and Progress: A Textbook in Church History $20


  • One copy per family


Book groups: Kindergarten and up


Complete Year 3 Literature lists for optional book groups can be found on our website in the downloads section


Consult writing syllabi to know how many of these literature books will be required for each writing class.