YEAR THREE Art History

Art History I

Art History II

el greco.jpg

Unit 1: El Greco, Adoration of the Shepherds, ca. 1612 – 1614, Baroque

girl with pearl earring.jpg

Unit 2: Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665, Baroque

Vincent van Gogh- Sunflowers.jpg

Unit 10: Vincent Van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1888, Post-Impressionism

winslow homer snap the whip.jpg

Unit 11: Winslow Homer, Snap the Whip, 1872, Realism

calling of matthew.jpg

Unit 1: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, The Calling of St Matthew, 1600, Baroque

rembrandt van rijn self portrait.jpg

Unit 2: Rembrandt van Rijn, Self-Portrait, 1659, Baroque

starry night van gogh.jpg

Unit 10: Vincent Van Gogh, The Night Sky, 1889, Post-Impressionism

winslow homer the gulf stream.jpg

Unit 11: Winslow Homer, Gulf Stream, 1899, Realism

fragonard the swing.jpg

Unit 3: Jean-Honoré Fragonard, The Swing, 1767, Rococo

Umbrellas Pierre-Auguste Renoir.jpg

Unit 12: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Umbrellas, 1886, Impressionism

death of general wolfe.jpg

Unit 3: Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolfe, 1770, Neo-Classical


Unit 12: Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893, Expressionism

paul revere.jpg

Unit 4: John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere, 1768, Romanticism


Unit 13: Claude Monet, Bridge over a Pond of Water-Lilies, 1899, Impressionism


Unit 4: Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii, 1784, Neo-Classical

The Wyndham Sisters by John Singer Sarge

Unit 13: John Singer Sargent, The Windham Sisters, 1899, Realism

the great wave of kanagawa.jpeg
francisco de goya.jpg
The Old Stage Coach of the Plains.jpg
Gassed by john signer sargent.jpg

Unit 5: Hokusai, The Great Wave off Kanugawa, 1829-33, Japanese

Unit 14: Remington, The Old Stage-Coach, 1901, Naturalism/Impressionism

Unit 5: Francisco Goya, Third of May, 1808, in Madrid, 1814-15, Romanticism

Unit 14: John Singer Sargent, Gassed, 1919, Realism

The Birds of America.jpg

Unit 6: John James Audubon, American Flamingo, 1829-38, Realism

washington crossing the delaware.jpg

Unit 7: Emanuel Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851, Romanticism

Rodin's Thinker.jpg

Unit 15: Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, 1904, Realism

Portrait of Dora Maar - Pablo

Unit 16: Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937, Surrealism

View of Mt. Holyoke (The Oxbow) - Thomas

Unit 6: Thomas Cole, The Oxbow, 1836

Albert Bierstadt, The Rocky

Unit 7: Albert Bierstadt, The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak, 1863

american gothic.jpg

Unit 15: Grant Wood, American Gothic, 1930, Modernism/Regionalism

salvador dali.jpg

Unit 16: Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931, Surrealism

Proserpine (1874). Dante Gabriel Rossett

Unit 8: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Proserpine, 1874, Pre-Raphaelite

La classe de danse (The Dancing class).j

Unit 9: Edgar Degas, The Dance Class, 1873, Impressionism

public and its problems rockwell.jpg

Unit 17: Norman Rockwell, Freedom of Speech, 1943 Illustration/Realism

tomato soup.jpg

Unit 18: Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup, 1962 Pop Art

whistler's mother costume.jpg

Unit 8: James McNeill Whistler, Artist’s Mother, 1871, Tonalism

Georges-Pierre Seurat's A Sunday Afterno

Unit 9: Georges Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884, Pointillism


Unit 17: Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942, Modernism/Realism

Mark Rothko’s No. 14.jpg

Unit 18: Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960, Abstract Expressionism